Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peter Pan

Peter Pan
By JM Barrie

Again, there are so many different versions of this book Amazon, it's hard to say how many pages the version I listened to was.

5 hours and 16 minutes

Grade A

This was such a great book. I smiled a lot while listening to do it. I giggled, I just felt good. There were only a few little things that the Disney movie didn't capture. I am sure there isn't a person alive that doesn't really know the story, but it is worth reading if you get a chance.

ETA: Sorry for all the edits tonight. Lucy has been climbing in and out of my lap all night so I tried to get out my reviews as quickly as possible.

Anyway, the other amazing thing about Peter Pan, or at least this version of the audio, is that it was narrated by Jim Dale which is the narrator of the Harry Potter series. Since I am in LOVE with Harry Potter, and I LOVE Jim Dale, I was able to continue my ear affair with Jim Dale, while still staying true to my original rules of not listening to Harry Potter until November. I swear it will be a LONG year :P


Candy said...

I've never read Peter Pan. How can that be? I'll have to add it to my list. It's nice to know that Disney stayed true to the book. I loved the movie. I also loved the play.

The Never Fairy said...

Hooray for Peter Pan!
Disney loosely follows it, yes, but they lack all the depth that Barrie put into it - and the true darkness of the Neverland.

If you can squeeze it in for 101 books... there's a cool story of more Pan - based on Barrie's idea!
Click here!