Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Kisses for Maddy

Two Kisses for Maddy
My Matthew Logelin

272 pages (read in print)

Grade A+

Imagine marrying your best friend.  You then decide to have a kid.  During your pregnancy you have to be put on hospital bed rest because of complications.  One day, the doctors tell you that you have to deliver early and they take the baby by c-section.  Then, before you are able to have a proper first meeting with your child because she is in the NICU, you get up out of bed, a blood clot moves into your lungs and you die leaving behind your daughter and your husband.

This is Matthew Logelin's personal hell.

I first found Matthew's blog ( around the time that I had Lucy.  I couldn't get through many of his posts without sobbing like a crazy person.  And not just a tear here and there, I am talking full out SOBBING.  I had times that I would visit his blog, but they always left me in tears.  His daughter is the same age as Lucy.  His wife had an emergency c-section.  And where I lived, she died.  It was hard to think that this could have been me.  But his blog was terribly beautiful and I liked watching Maddy grow in pictures.

When I heard that he was writing a book, I waited.  I waited and waited, and when it was done, I pre-ordered.  I got the book right when I found out I was pregnant with Dexter, and I read it in two days.  And again, I SOBBED.  His writing is so raw, so honest, so perfect.  When I finished the book, I felt like we were old friends and I wanted to bring him a casserole of food because that is what you do when someone dies right?  I then tried to read parts to Matt, and couldn't get through my sobs to get them out right.  I was so happy he wrote his story, but I was so depressed about reading it.  But I am glad I did.

I would read this book again in a heart beat.  I am hoping one day I can get him to sign it.  I also would recommend this book to anyone I know, but please, don't read it while pregnant.  Matthew is a great author and a great photographer so check out his website too and look at his beautiful little girl.  And if you do take me up on my recommendation, make sure you have a box of tissue handy.  And not a small box either.