Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Life in France

My Life in France
By Julia Child

368 pages
11 hours and 17 minutes

Grade A

I have read/listened to so many books regarding food lately, that I am really second guessing my life in accounting, and think I should move to culinary magics. But after this book, I will only pursue my dreams of being a chef if I get to move to France.

This book was incredible. I don't know what else to say about it. Julia's descriptions of France, makes me feel now like I have been there myself. I also feel like I have gained 15 lbs.

I started my small obsession with Julia last year when I read Julie and Julia for my book club. If you haven't read that book yet, then maybe you have seen the movie, which was a pretty good movie. My husband liked it too, which is saying a lot because he doesn't like "chick flicks" at all.

Ok but back to the book. Julia is just incredible. I really liked her outlook on things and her desire and drive to do something with her life. Now, if you can believe this, I have never opened her cookbooks. And since she was pretty before my time as well, I haven't ever really seen any of her shows. I vaguely remember seeing reruns with my dad, but I had to have been pretty little. But I am so interested in seeing them, I have Netflixed them :)


Candy said...

I loved this book. I haven't read Julie and Julia, but I loved the movie. Do you think that book is as good as My Life in France, or should I skip it since I've already seen the movie?

By the way, if you start following Creative Structures, a blog by an artist with a B & B in Italy, you'll want to spend some time in Italy, too. Maybe you could move 3 times a year - spend 4 months in France, 4 months in Italy and 4 months in the USA.

Randi said...

The thing with Julie and Julia is that it mainly focuses on Julie growing as a person, coming into her own and being kind of obnoxious along the way. It was a good book, cute, but nothing in comparison to My Life in France.

There were some parts in the book that were skewed in the movie, as they always are, but I don't know if the book is worth it if you have seen the movie. However it is a smallish book, so it could be a rent from the library, but not a purchase from B&N.

It's funny that you mention living in three different places throughout the year. Last year I read Eat Pray Love and the author decided to move to Italy for four months, India, and Indonesia. Italy was by far my favorite part of the book. If you ask my opinion on EPL, I again would say it might be worth a rental from the library, but don't buy it. I got bored after Italy and by Indonesia, I wanted to stab the author because she just go so annoying.

On a side note, is there a link on your blog for Creative Structures? I will have to put them on my google reader

Candy said...

Your comment on EPL is too funny! I felt the same way. (I didn't have the courage to admit it because it was such a popular book that I didn't want to step on any toes.) I didn't make it as far as you did. I bought the book, made it through Italy and then ran off screaming when she started the next part of her journey. Money down the drain - made the mistake of buying instead of borrowing.

There is a link to that blog on my blog. I think you'll like her. She's funny and creative and nice. She writes really well.