Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

Breakfast of Champions
By Kurt Vonnegut

303 pages
5 hours and 29 minutes listening time

Grade Lame

I can't give this book a grade. At least not a letter grade. This book is only 5 and a half hours long, and it took me three weeks to get through. I felt like the evil cats in the movie Bolt. First I was like huh? Then I was like What? And then I just got bored....

I was confused most the time. Kurt goes off on so many freaking tangents that I had a hard time keeping up. I also could not stand how he kept making references to the male genitalia.

The only thing I thought was remotely neat about the story was how he wrote himself into the story, and had himself talk with the characters. But even so it was kinda confusing for him to do that.

Anyway, I did not like this book.

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Candy said...

I haven't read this, but isn't it the book that both your dad and Matt said you absolutely had to read, or was that Slaughterhouse House Five? Hmmm... After reading your review, I think I'm going to pass.

I'm glad to see that you're reading Anne of Green Gables. I'll be surprised if you don't love it.