Saturday, April 10, 2010

Before I Fall

Before I Fall
By Lauren Oliver

480 pages
12 hours and 25 minutes listening time

Grade B+

Imagine you are popular, happy, and a senior in high school. Now image after a party one night, you and your three closest friends die in a car accident. Now, imagine, you have to relive your last day, over and over and over.

It is a little "Groundhog Day", but not really. It is incredibly touching, and I really liked how after reliving the same day, Sam, was able to see how she affected other people's lives, some in which she never thought she touched. I also liked how she was able to get to see the true sides of some of the people she knew.

I literally could not turn this book off. Matt had to deal with listening to parts of it, which I told him was payback for making me listen to Breakfast of Champions. I am sure had I had a paper copy of this book I would have had it finished in a day.

I needed to know what happened next. I was very surprised at some of the things that did happen, and I was happy with a lot too. Of course I was upset at the very ending, but not because it was a bad ending, only that it broke my heart.

So, there you go.

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