Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cracked up to be

Cracked up to be
By Courtney Summers

224 pages
6 hours and 19 minutes listening time

Grade B

First off, I could not find this book on audio when I started, so I did paper read this one.

Second, I went the whole book wanting to know what was going to happen. I could not put this book down, except that Lucy made me on same occasions. Usually, with these YA books, I can normally tell what is going to happen next because it is usually the same story with different character names. However, it was not like this in this book. I was always trying to figure it out, which made it that much better. I even went to Amazon to read reviews hoping for a spoiler, and you know what? No spoilers.

I am glad that I didn't listen to this book on audio because there were some parts when the main character remembers things from the past and you can tell it's a memory in writing. On audio, I usually am lost for a little while until I figure it out. The one thing that I was annoyed with was that I felt it ended too quickly. I really felt like it could have been longer, because she summed the book up in like three pages.

It's not a book that will change your life, but it's alright. Like I said, it was a page turner.

On a side note, I got Anne of Green Gables on DVD yesterday and started watching it. But I had a hard time getting past the first 15 minutes. I felt that maybe it would ruin the book for me, so I am sending it back....unwatched.
On another side note, I am at book 50!!!!! I am half way to my goal. Remember a while back, I posted that if I had 50 followers by the time I get to 5o books, I would do a book give-a-way. I have not reached 50 followers....so no give-a-way this time people.....sorry

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