Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are you there God, it's me Margaret

Are you there God, it's me Margaret
By Judy Blume

160 pages
3 hours and 8 minutes listening time

Grade B

First off, before anyone judges me for reading/listening to a kids book, let me preface with, I have NEVER read this book before in my life. While most girls at the age of 10 and 11 were reading this book, I was reading Misery by Steven King (dad what were you thinking?!?! lol).

Anyway, I really like this book. I do hope it has/will updated because there are a few things that are totally outdated in this book, but I think it is a wonderful reference for young women. I do know though, on a personal level, I was never hoping my period would start. Never. I still hate it. I also never wanted to wear a bra. And I still don't. But like the one girl in the book (I can't remember her name) I developed early, and probably needed a bra in fourth grade. I resisted until I was in 6th grade, which I don't know how I did that either. However, as a parent now, I can totally see how it might have been something my dad was dreading.

And my mom.....My mom is still angry at me for not calling her the millisecond after I noticed my period did start. She had this whole huge plan where stars would sparkle brighter and young children would sing like angels when I started. It was a time of celebration for her, and she wanted to have a huge night of bonding over steaks and hot fudge sundaes. Now, as a parent myself, I kinda think my mom was high when she thought of that plan....I dread the day my daughter will start her period. And will I take her to some crazy elaborate dinner involving over cooked meat and a dessert to satisfy all stereotypical time of the month cravings? No. I will probably cover the windows in black sheets and Lucy and I will sit around eating Midol and watch movies, like Saw or something. And I know that Matt will probably leave the house on a "business trip" at least one week a month when it does happen.

Anyway, it was a cute book but it needs to be updated.


sotdrprp said...

that has got to be the funny-est evaluation of a book i have ever read, and that part about when Lucy starts her period, well you will certinely change your mind on'll see...yr mom

The Stuffed Squirrel said...

OMG I friggen laughed my ass off when I read this review! When I started my period we still had to clip on the pads to our panties with safety pins, some people still used "belts". Be glad for progress...

Candy said...

Pretty funny, Randi! Plus enlightening. I used to think that the females who said that this was cause for celebration were found only in fiction - not in real life. Now you've informed that I actually know one. R and I need to talk:)

Be glad you and I are related by marriage only. In my family, women have their periods until they are like 500 million years old. Then when they finally stop, hot flashes and the occasional period continue for an additional 500 million years. If you don't believe me, ask my mom.

Don't do the black sheet thing with Lucy. Find something somewhere in between your mom's attitude and the attitude of the non-fictional characters of the world:)

Anonymous said...

I think it's time for y'all to "MAN-UP"

sotdrprp said...

man up this soon as men can give birth to LIVE himan beings then they can trash talk alllll they want....rotflmao

Randi said...

Anon, or dad :) all I can say, is that I applaud you for "manning up" all those years ago when you had to deal with me hitting puberty.....

And I feel bad for Matt, with his luck, we will have about 6 daughters :)