Monday, March 8, 2010

The Year that Nick McGowan Came to Stay

The Year that Nick McGowan Came to Stay
By Rebecca Sparrow

208 pages
3 hours 40 minutes listening time

Grade C

I enjoyed this book, mainly because I do like young adult books. I don't really know how to give this book a review though because it was really about nothing. Rachel, the main character, doesn't know how to feel about her parents "adopting" Nick McGowen, one of the hottest guys at school. Nick McGowen had some issues in the previous year in his prep school, and so his dad opted to have him stay with another family. Rachel had issues with this because she felt that she was not cool enough to have Nick McGowen living at her house.

After making lists of what her parents were and were not allowed to do, and hiding all the things she thought was embarrassing as well as adding a few Ramon's posters to her walls, she was still very standoffish to Nick. However, after a few incidents, Her and Nick become pretty good friends.

It was a cute book. It was a very quick listen (I finished it in an afternoon) but it wasn't anything that you should add to your MUST READ lists. maybe something though to just listen to on your daily commutes.


Andrea said...

Sounds cute.

Anonymous said...

this one sounds cute....maybe i might read it...yr mom