Wednesday, March 24, 2010


By Lois Lowry

176 pages
3 hours and 38 minutes listening time

Grade C

Finally to be done with this series. And this will probably be one of the only books that I review and give most of it away in. Mainly because I think the only book out of this series worth reading is The Giver, I don't feel bad about telling you everything.

Lois wrapped up the first two stories in this book. And as much as I thought that was neat and all, it also really sucked. In the Giver, Jonas as the power to see beyond, but all that means in the first book, is that he can see colors. In the second book Kira can embroider really pretty. In the third book, all of a sudden Jonas can transport his mind to see what is happening in different places in the current time, and Kira can embroider the future. Then all of a sudden, one of the characters from the second book, Matty, gains some weird super power in his hands and cures the Earth. Yes. Cures the Earth.

It really seemed like Lois wanted to make something wonderful, she wanted a little series that was just incredible, but I say big fat FAIL.

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