Thursday, March 4, 2010

PS Your Cat is Dead

PS Your Cat is Dead
By James Kirkwood

224 pages
unavailable on audio

Grade C

I totally judge books by their cover. Completely totally 100% guilty. I have had a very long streak of bad luck in my life this year, and wanted something funny, and light to read to keep my mind off of things. I found everything I was looking for in this book. The only character that died in this book was obviously, the main character, Jimmy's cat, Bobby Seale.

Jimmy's stream of bad luck sounds a lot like how mine has been, of course with different situations, but it kinda made me feel a little better. There were many times when I really actually LOL'd. There were also times in this book when I kept thinking WTF?!?

Jimmy, a now out of work actor, breaks up with his girl friend on New Year's Eve. When she leaves, he finds a burglar under his bed, robbing him for the THIRD time. Vito, the burglar, is a bi-sexual part time comedian, who robs people as a side business.

I am just going to say, it's strange. The entire book takes place over about three days, but mainly on New Year's Eve. If you are looking for something quick, funny, light, and all around odd, pick up this book.

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Anonymous said...

this sounds totally cute, i just might partake....yr mom