Friday, March 12, 2010

Animal Farm

Animal Farm
By George Orwell

128 pages
3 hrs and 13 mins listening time

Grade B+

This was a required reading in high school, and I dreaded it. Not because it was a bad book, but because I was being assigned to read and I hated to be told what I needed to read. Although I thought it was a "cool" book when I was in high school, I think it is a great book now.

There really isn't much to say about this book because I am pretty sure everyone and their dog has read it. However, I do suggest to keep this book away from your dog, so as to prevent a hostile take over.....


Phillip said...

i love this book!!

Anonymous said...

i havent read this book Randi...and im pretty sure weeko hasnt mom

Deven said...

I read the version of this book with illustrations by Ralph Steadman. the same dude who did the illustrations for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. trippy stuff