Monday, August 9, 2010

The Undomestic Goddess

The Undomestic Goddess
By Sophie Kinsella

432 pages
12 hours and 5 minutes listening time

Grade C+

This is like the 100th Sophie Kinsella book I have read. As a matter of fact, other than the Shop-a-holic books that she has written (which I refuse to read), I think this puts me having read all her books, give or take one. What I like about them, is that her main character is always a goofy, smart, totally lost, but very strong mid twenties girl. The main characters are always easy to fall in love with, and they are even more loveable with their little quirks.

The Undomestic Goddess did not fail me in all of the above. I also have quickly learned that Sophie's main character will always fall in love, ruin it somehow, but always ends up with them in the end, some what like all Sandra Bullock romantic comedies. There, I have spoiled all her books for you in one shot, and most of Sandra Bullock's movies.

So in this book, Samantha, is a top lawyer at her firm and she is working on becoming a partner. She effs it up and ends up in a small town in the country. Due to a misunderstanding, she ends up a full time house keeper, however, she doesn't know how to iron, cook, clean, work a vacuume, or dust. Yadda, yadda, yadda, she ends up learning all that stuff.

It is actually a very cute book. I enjoyed it, I did. The ONLY problem that I had, was that it was the fourth Sophie book for me, in just a few short months, and actually I read three other ones within the last month.

So, great book, but I really should have spread them out, because I have learned that Sophie Kinsella books are somewhat like banana splits, you never think you can have too much until you are elbow deep in crushed pineapples and chocolate fudge and your tummy hurts.


Anonymous said...

I liked this book too. I think the shopaholic are her best ones though. They had me literally laughing out loud when I use to take the bus to work. I couldn't believe the way the character acted in those. She was hilarious though...definitely better than that crappy movie they came out with for it.

Daddd said...

This will be my "FIRST" Sophie book..After I read my Civil War books.......And the World Book Encyclopedias.....Read, Randi, Read like the wind!.......

Randi said...

@Jennifer, I tried the shopaholic books a while back, and I just couldn't handle the main character. She was just soooo annoying. Maybe in a few years I will try it again.

@Daddddd, you might like War and Peace too ;)