Monday, August 9, 2010

Twenties Girl

Twenties Girl
By Sophie Kinsella

448 pages
15 hours and 5 minutes listening time

Grade C-

Out of all the Sophie books I have read/listened too, I disliked this one the most. I really have no reason for disliking it, however I did. Maybe it was the un-probability of it? Or the shear strangeness of it? I don't know, either way, it was cute, but I just didn't fall in love with it. I LOVED Remember Me? and Can you keep a Secret? But I just liked this one.

See I think the part that just bothered me about this one is, the main character, Lara, goes to her great Aunt Sadie's funeral. While the funeral is going on, she sees the ghost of her Aunt Sadie, and the is haunted by the ghost throughout most the rest. I found her Aunt Sadie to be a very irritating character, I kinda felt Lara was too. I usually love the main characters in Sophie's books, but in this one, eh. Didn't feel it. at. all.

So my dear Sophie fans, skip this will thank me later.

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Daddd said...

I will skip it also.....