Monday, August 9, 2010

It Started with a Dare

It Started with a Dare (ARC)*
ByLindsay Faith Rech

312 pages
Not available on audio at this time

Grade C-

First off, I would like to announce that not only was this my first book I read on my new Kindle, but it was also my very first Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) that I was privileged to. So I would like to give a super huge wet slobbery thank you kiss to the publishers, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

Next on my agenda is to tell you about this book. CG is the new girl at school, again. She is trying to make a name for herself so she can be popular at this new school, and somehow manages it. After falsifying almost everything about her, dun dun dun, the truth comes out, and shortly, she has to try and redeem herself.

As much as I wanted to love it, and I REALLY wanted to love it, I didn't. I didn't not like it, I just didn't love it. There were cute parts, there were funny parts, but in a whole, it just didn't do it for me. I think the problem was, as much as I love YA, there are some YA that are just too YA (shocking right?) and for me, I think this book was just too YA. The girls featured in this book were Sophomores in high school, I deal better with Seniors.

This book however, would be a great read for my younger cousins, the ones that are either still in high school, or very shortly out. I think that way younger girls than me will really like it, maybe even relate to CG, as she struggles to fit in in high school, which really is a challenge to all young girls.

So many parts of this book made me think of the movie Mean Girls. I was TOTALLY waiting for one of the girls in the 'cool' group to say "On Wednesdays we were pink." Kind of a let down for me when that never happened.

In summary, if I was 18 and not 28, I would probably love this book. However, I sadly am no longer 18. Which really is difficult for me to say, because I would love to be 18 again. Ok, tangent over. If you are a die hard YA fan, this will be a book for you. Like I said, there were cute, funny and cutesy funny parts. But there were also terribly self absorption, bad influencing, and boring parts. And if you do read it, as an FYI, CG's parents let her off WAY to easy. If Lucy did any of the things CG does in this book, well let's just say, I might beat her.


Daddd said...

Louie, don't read this book!...Not if U love sitting down!

Daddd said...

Please post an in-depth "Kindle Critique"!

Candy said...

Thank goodness you read some more books, even if there weren't any really high grades on these. I kept checking back and all I saw was The Sex Lives of Cannibals. (No thank you to reading about the consumption of dogs and cats:))

How do you get on the list to receive an ARC? I wish I could have gotten one for the latest Louise Penny novel.

Your reviews always make me laugh. I'm curious about the Sophie Kinsella books, but I haven't tried one yet.

Read on, Randi.

Randi said...

I registered on this website called Net Galley and you have to do a profile and then the publishers review your profile and decide if you are ok for them.

The Sophie books are good. The one I liked the most is Remember Me? I would let you borrow it, but I can't remember who I loaned it to last and now I can't find it.