Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Twilight Series

Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn
By Stephenie Meyer

a bunch of pages
days worth of audio

Grade.........I have a hard time saying because sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it....so yeah.

Ugh....I don't really know where to start. I have read/listened to this series about 100 times. Probably more. And here is the thing. The first time I listened to Twilight, I was like huh? A 100 year old man is sneaking into this 17 year old girls bedroom and spends the night every night? WTF. And what gets me about this book, is that they talk like twice in school got out ONCE which wasn't even a real date, and BAM! they are in love. It really reminds me of the Disney movie Enchanted, where Giselle is in the park with Robert and Robert says "You are going to marry someone after only knowing them one day?" to which Giselle replies, "And tomorrow will be TWO days!" Only in Disney movies and Twilight do the characters fall in love with each other in a matter of hours and with little to no character building.

Then you have New Moon, and surprisingly I TOTALLY related to it. To this day, New Moon is my favorite of the series, which is strange because I am totally Team Edward.

Then you move on to Eclipse and well, hmmm it's well, the fork in the road of the series because Bella has to make the BIG choice...Edward or Jacob. And if you are any girl, duh you would pick Edward. Yes, Jacob is a great guy and in the movie, he is totally hot, but really? Bella was made for Edward.

Finally comes Breaking Dawn which is like the Titanic of the series....Half way through you can see the boat starting to sink, but you just can't get off because you are waaaay to optimistic and keep hoping that the boat won't really sink, but then at the end, well you are gasping for air and hoping a life boat sees you. Breaking Dawn is the ONLY book I have ever read that introduces 900 million new characters all with ridiculous talents and then have it go NO WHERE.

But in the long run, I guess you just have to give it to Stephenie Meyer. She found a way to write a character with no personality willing to destroy her WHOLE eternity to a vamp guy and throw everything else away for him. As we find from New Moon, her entire existence depends on Edward. And then even though Jacob is willing to give her a normal life, she turns that all away, for Edward. And not only does her non-personality written characters attract anything with ovaries, her books are addictive, like completely addictive.

So props to Stephenie Meyer for finding the million dollar recipe.


Daddd said...

Overies!?....Where did that come from.....Please don't ever use that word again!.....(Just kidding...Daddd)

Daddd said...

I mean ovaries....My bad!...(A special thx to Candy Manuel for pointing out another one of my short comings)

Randi said...

lol @ overies :)

lonewolf said...

I think every agrees with how creepy it is for Edward (100) to sneak into Bella's (17) bedroom like that. Stalker alert! lol But the story is addictive and you gotta love Stephanie Meyer