Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lock and Key

Lock and Key
By Sarah Dessen

432 pages
11 hour 14 minutes listening time

Grade B

Dear Ms Dessen, I love you. Sincerely, Randi.

How many Dessen books have a read so far? I don't even know. All I know, is that I am not done, and I cannot wait to start the next. With so many authors you get the same story, different characters. Like Nicholas Sparks, EVERY book I have read of NS has been the same 'lost love finds each other and loses it again, and then finds it again' story. Sophie Kinsella, same thing. So far with Sarah Dessen, she hasn't done that....at least how I take it.

This book didn't fail. 17 year old Ruby, the main character, lives with her mom, however one day, her mom disappears. And a month later, her landlord shows up and sees the terrible mess that she is living in, and calls social services. Her sister Cora, who is ten years older, comes and brings Ruby to live with her. The terribly heart wrenching story that goes on in this book is just completely incredible and beautiful. Sarah Dessen does such an amazing job with the emotions for each of the characters in this book. She really captures it all.

I was terribly impressed with this book, and like I said earlier, Sarah Dessen has a fan for life.

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kenpen said...

Lock and Key is one of my favorite Sarah Dessen books.