Friday, January 1, 2010

Let the reading commence!

Happy New Year!!!


Anonymous said...



Start with lite reading like Superman and Archie...U can easily knock off 20 books that way...

Then goto Vonnegut, I suggest his greatest work -Cat's Cradle-

Stay away from books like Moby Dick and Silas Marner

Best to grab Louie and hit the Public Library as books these days are pricey....



Anonymous said...

My short list:

Southern Storm--Sherman's March to the Sea---I just finished it

The 21 book Travis McGee Series by John McDonald---U will want to move to Florida after that

All of the Micheal Connelly "Harry Bosch" books about 10

Frannie and Zooey and 9 Stories by JD Salinger

Gideon's Trumpet---Can't Remember the Author

Undaunted Courage---About Lewis and Clark's Expedition by Stephen Ambrose

Ted William's Autobiography

--Pork or how I lost the Masters-- The funniest golf book ever written

The entire "Original" Chip Hilton Sports series--21 Volumes

How about the Nancy Drew Series also?----I read 4....Chick Stuff

Stay away from hacks like James Patterson


Anonymous said...

Don't bother with Profiles in Courage as JFK didn't really write it....

Anonymous said...

I Robot is a great book---The movie stunk compared to the book

Stay away from Das Capital by Karl Marx as his "Value Theory of Labor" is algebraically flawed

Education of a Golfer by Sam Snead

Agathie Christie is a winner!

The Conan the Barbarian books I found boring

Letter from a Selma Jail by MLK is great and I would count that as a book.....


Anonymous said...

I just thought of another that U might like-----John Lennon's (of the Beatles) book called a Spaniard in the Works....There are two hysterically funny stories, one about a woman(?) who was always larfing [U will larf too] and another about a Budgie....This blogging is fun![Oh No! says Randi's friends, your daddd is blogging Run Randi Run!


Anonymous said...

And remember no matter what yoiu hear James Patterson is the BOMBBBBBBBBB.....yr mother

Anonymous said...

Always listen to your Mother Randi.....A sad but true fact of life!!!!!!!


Randi said...

The sad but true fact of life is however that I don't much care for James Patterson So I won't be putting him on my list this year.

Candy said...

Tammy and I have come up with a couple more suggestions. Have we ever steered you wrong? Dear Zoe by Philip Beard is good. It's also short, so you should breeze right through it. Whistling in the Dark by Lesley Kagen is excellent. The Dave Robicheaux books by James Lee Burke are very good if you want to try a detective novel. I just finished The Tin Roof Blowdown. It was great.

Christy said...

The true fact of life is listen to your Erma Bombeck for hysterical stories on motherhood. It will make you want a dozen or so...just kidding, it might be the best birth control there is....:)