Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day...

I started to cheat today, and Heather jumped on my case. I started to listen to one of my books, thinking hey, I have some time at work, I could get started since I am going to be off work until next Wednesday. Well I mentioned this to Heather who told me that I was cheating.

It turns out, that it was good she called me on it because the book I had started to listen to was called About Alice. It is a non-fiction book and it only about a hour and a half long on audio. However I almost started crying the first few minutes of it because it is a story by a man who just lost his wife to lung cancer.

I am going to listen to it tomorrow as I am doing the dishes and cleaning up the house. I will probably finish it tomorrow too. But I am sure I will bawl my little girl eyes out the whole time I am reading/listening to it.

Matt mentioned to me the other day that he thinks I am cheating by listening to such short books. But this was my retort, for every two or three short books I have I have one or two terribly long ones, so it all really just washes itself.

Lucky for my goal, I am a terribly fast reader, and great at reading more than one book at a time, since I plan on listening during the day, reading at night.

Happy New Years everyone!!!!

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