Sunday, January 31, 2010

Real Men Don't Apologize

Real Men Don't Apologize!
By Jim Belushi
288 pages
4 hours 29 minutes listening time

Grade B-

The best part of this book was that Jim himself narrated it. Although it is written for men, I did find it pretty funny. There are some EXTREMELY crude parts too, where he talks about how to sleep with as many women as you can when you are single, but besides that, its pretty good.

He talks a little about when his brother died, which I thought was going to make for a pretty depressing book, and honestly, I almost turned it off at that point because the last thing I wanted was another freaking depressing book. But he turned it around and had my laughing again. And I am not talking like a silent haha in my head. I am talking about people at work looking at me weird because I was laughing at my desk for no apparent reason.

He explains in his book the rules of dating for men, and what you, as a man, need to do in order to make a relationship work. It's pretty funny to hear about dating from a man's perspective. It's also pretty funny when he talks about what women are thinking, because honestly, we do think like that. As he states, men over simplify, women over complicate.

A pretty light quick read. I wouldn't say it's one you can't live without, but if you are single man, you might just want to read it. It might help.

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this sounds like it would b fun gonna read this....yr mom