Friday, January 1, 2010

About Alice

By Calvin Trillin
96 pages
1 hr 18 minutes listening time
Read by Calvin Trillin
Grade: A+

Books read by the author are more incredible than books read by just a narrator. You get a better feel for how the book is really supposed to be heard. About Alice is a touching book written by a man about his wife. Alice seems to be a women that I could strive to be for my entirety, however would never be that awesome.

The love that this man shows for his wife, is undeniable. He says things like:

"I somehow thought I could keep her alive because I wouldn't accept the possibility that she would die..."

All so hard to read, but so incredibly sincere that you can't help but cry.

There are two parts of the book that are my favorites. One is when Calvin talks about how his wife thinks by missing school plays, productions, or dance recitals is enough for child services to come and take them away.

The second is when Calvin tells us about when Alice volunteered at a childrens camp for handicapped children. Alice was helping a young girl that received a letter from her parents. Alice is ashamed to say that she had such a strong need to find out what the parents of this girl would write to her to make her so amazing, that she snuck a peak at the letter. The letter says something like (I can't find the part to quote it 100%):

"If God gave us the choice to pick our child again, we would have picked you over again and again"

And Alice states, this is the meaning of life.

I am a sucker for books that pull at your heart strings, I have given this book an A+ and since it's such a quick read, I recommend you read it.

One down.....99 more to go.

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Christy said...

I found another book you might enjoy, I am almost finished with it. It is short stories, but it is very thought provoking and can pull your emotional strings. The name is "Chocolate for a Mother's Heart". You can borrow it if you would like.