Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear John

Dear John
By Nicholas Sparks
352 pages
90 hours 20 minute listening time
Grade: B

A quick tip in audio books.....Make sure you turn the shuffle on your iPod off prior to listening to an audio book. I listened to the first like hour of this book and my iPod was on shuffle. I couldn't figure out why the hell I couldn't keep track of what was going on in the book. I restarted it and well, it all made sense when it wasn't on shuffle anymore. Go figure right?

If you have ever read a Nicholas Sparks book before, then you really already know what this book is about, forbidden love, pain, happiness, and of course, the occasional death. It was a very beautiful story, and made my cry like a little girl.

It starts with a man, John, and he meets a very intriguing woman, Savannah. They spend an incredible week together at the beach. John is in the army and has to go back to Germany, but they keep up correspondence via letters. If I say too much more, I think I might give away too much of what happens, and that is not my intent. However, it's a good quick read, and a nice little story to keep with you.

I will say though, I really need to pick a more uplifting book to read next. All this heart breaking love, and sadness is really bringing me down. Maybe I might take my dad's advice and read an Archie and Veronica comic book.......


Candy said...

Congratulations on finishing book three!

I hate to break this to you, but I scanned your list and you may want to stock up on Kleenex...

Joshua Dearinger said...

That is so funny about the shuffle. Maybe you should stick to printed books, at least they have page numbers so you don't get lost! LOL :)