Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Did I disappear?

In the immortal words of my almost three year old daughter "NAHHH" I am just busy reading. See here is the thing, everyone in my IRL circle last year gave me crap because I listened to a lot of audio books. So this year, I am reading more in print. But I have done, what I normally do, and that is I have started like 8 books, 8 different books than I had already started.....

Currently I am reading:

Anna and the French Kiss
The Potluck Club
365 days of Good Manners for children
Tales of Old Las Vegas

Jeebus I need to get it together. I am hoping I will finish Anna and the French Kiss in the next couple of days. And then I need to finish Room which was actually the book for last weeks book club, and THEN I need to get on the next book for my next book club. I think my problem is this, I just really really love to read, but I also a multitasker. This is why audio books work so well for me because I really have a hard time concentrating on reading when I am not doing 12 other things. BUT, I am working on it.

So there you go. I am here. I am still reading, it's just hard to finish one book when all I can do is start more.

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Candy said...

How far have you gotten in Anna and the French Kiss? It's gotten some good reviews.