Monday, February 14, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss
By Stephanie Perkins

Grade B+

After like a million reviews on this book, I figured I might as well just read this book. A-mazing! Ok, picture this....getting shipped off to PARIS for high school....HELLO!!! I think it would have been incredible to have spent my high school years in another country learning the language, the culture, the everything. As amazing as that would have been, Anna, the main character, only got one year, her senior year.

I freaking loved this book, and I cannot tell you one reason why. But maybe I could tell you 5 reasons. I loved that it took place in Paris. I love that it was a boarding school. I love that were was normal teenage drama. I loved the characters. And last but not least, have I mentioned that it takes place in Paris?

Here is the thing, what I loved about this book is the friendship that grew into a relationship between Anna and Etienne. So much about their relationship reminds me of my husband and I because we started out as friends, just hanging out, and then well.....we got married.

My favorite kind of books are the ones where I feel like I am actually friends with the characters, and that is how I felt while reading this one. I finished it in practically one sitting, staying up until 3 am to finish it. The second I finished it, I wanted to pick it up and start it over.

And since I am completely and totally all over the place with this review......I will just end it now. My review is totally not doing this book the justice it needs, so please, just read it. It is really cute, and I will probably read it again before the year is over.

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