Sunday, May 23, 2010

Something Borrowed

Something Borrowed
By Emily Giffin

352 pages
10 hours and 37 minutes listening time

Grade B+

I had previously read Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin and really enjoyed it. I figured at some point I would read her other ones too. Well a few weeks ago, I heard a couple of the girls I work with talk about this one and when I found out it was written my Emily Giffin, I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon and read it.

I totally enjoyed this book. It is about two best friends, Rachel and Darcy, that have known each other since they were little girls. Darcy gets engaged to this guy Dexter. On Rachel's 30th birthday party, Darcy gets drunk and goes home, and then Rachel and Dexter drink to much and end up sleeping together. The characters were very well developed and I found myself relating to the main character Rachel, but not in the "I slept with my best friend's finance" kind of way, but in the "Always trying to make others happy and proud" kind of way. My childhood friend was one of those somewhat like Darcy that always had to be better than in at everything. I resented it, and do not miss her at all now that we are no longer friends.

This book had a couple of good twists that really kept me intrigued. I have decided that I absolutely love Emily Giffin and cannot wait to read the next book to follow this one called "Something Blue." My library is currently in the process of moving locations so I cannot reserve my copy just yet, but that is ok. I have plenty to keep me occupied until they are set up again.

Anyway, this is a great summer read, or a "beach" read as some put it, although in Vegas we don't have beaches so we just get summer reads out here.

On a side note, I have been on a kick recently that I don't feel like listening to any audio books and would rather pick up a book in paper and read. This might slow my momentum down a little, but that is ok, I am passed the half way point in my goal, so if I do slow down a little, I will be ok :)

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Shauna said...

You are so good at these book reviews, you need to be a librarian!