Wednesday, June 16, 2010


By Kurt Vonnegut

288 pages
6 hours and 4 minutes listening time

Grade B-

I finished this book about two weeks ago, but I had to wait to post about it for two reasons; One, this book needs some time. You have to sleep for at least 48 hours and then think about it for at least 16. Second, I don't think this book can be reviewed sober. Not saying that I am drunk right now, but I did have two glasses of wine with dinner, so at least my judgement is skewed a little.

This is what I have gotten from Kurt while reading his books; he is on crack, or was on crack, or should have been on crack. If you go into any of this novels knowing this, then it will be easier on you in the long run. I enjoyed this book much more than Breakfast of Champions, however it will not be a book I read again. I was a little confused during most of it because I never knew where the main character was....was he in war? was he on some alien planet....I couldn't figure it out, and right when I thought I knew, he left there and went somewhere else.

I thought it pretty neat that he brought in one of his other characters from Breakfast of Champions. However it was one of the strangest characters I have ever read about.

I would say if you get a chance read this book. It's interesting enough to read, plus it isn't that long. I have also decided that I want to rename my back yard Tralfamadore, and I would like to live in my backyard (with full access to my house) and if people want to observe me doing so, I welcome it...


Shauna said...

From what I have read about this guy he was really out there. This is on my list to read also. BTW I friggen loved The Book Thief and I reccomend that you read The Elegance of the Hedghog... Also have you read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, if not it is a MUST!

Randi said...

I haven't read either of those but I just took a snapshot so I can look for them when I get home. I read two reviews on amazon for each (however it took a lot to read the two that I did because I hate reading reviews) and I am very interested.

I am glad you loved The Book Theif. It is life altering. Next read The Help if you haven't yet.

Jennie said...

Slaughterhouse-Five is on my TBR list and I just keep avoiding it for some review isn't helping me pick it up any faster! :)~ Next time I am feeling a bit weird and what a wacked out book to read, this will be it!

Daddd said...

I just posted something "from my soul and it didn't show up...I think your book page here is broken....Daddd