Saturday, June 5, 2010

A quick word from the author.....

And on a side note, I was given the Versitile Blogger Award recently from Super Librarian. I think it's pretty neat that I got this Award, because it means that one, she thinks I am somewhat awesome, and two, I actually have at least one reader. This makes me happy!

So the rules are this, I am supposed to share seven facts about myself and then pass the award on to 15 other bloggers I've recently discovered. I am going to do half of this because I have seen this award on pretty much every other blog that I do follow already...Plus everyone I follow is listed on my profile, and take it from me, they are all pretty awesome!

So on to things huh? Where do I start?

1. I decided to start this challenge of 100 books in 365 days because for two years straight, I am not joking at all here, I listened to NOTHING but Harry Potter on audio. I would start at book one, or sometimes would skip straight to book 4 and listen all the way to the end. When I was done, I would start all over. Then I was introduced to Twilight, and then I would listen to HP and then to Twilight and then go back to HP and I did that for a year. I needed change.

2. I like to garden, as you can see from my gardening blog which is here if you haven't checked it out yet. I know not many have looked at that blog because I only have one follower and it is my dad and step mom. But either way, I have never been good at gardening. I don't know what it is with this year, but I honestly cannot kill much of anything anymore, and it really makes me feel good and proud.

3. I judge books by their cover. all. the. time. as clearly stated in my WG WG post. I try not too, but in the end, if it doesn't have a great cover....I tend to look past it.

4. I started my list of books to read based on what I really have wanted to read all these years, but just to afraid to leave Hogwarts or Forks. I have also added recommendations over the months, or books that I like the covers on and end up reading anyway.

5. I fully plan to exceed 100 books this year. And by a lot, like hopefully 50.

6. Not only do I love to read, I really love to write. The more I have been reading, the more the writing bug has attacked me. I put in at least 30 minutes a week writing, and not on my blogs, but hopefully towards a book that I hope will be published and will be my cash cow so I can some day quick my day to day, and write full time.

7. I am terrified I will never find the career that makes me happy, fulfills me every day (even on bad days), and still pays all the bills. I hope that one day, whether it be writing, or a stay at home mom, or even the clerk at the used CD store (which has always been a dream of mine), I will find the job that really makes me love what I do.

And so there you have it.....7 things about me.


Candy said...

Congratulations on your award. You are well on your way to being fulfilled. You will find fulfillment in your career and you will be prepared for it. You love being a wife and mom (fulfillment there). Reading makes a person a better writer (fulfillment there). You are becoming a master gardener (fulfillment there).

By the way, your dad and I laughed at your comment about our being your only "follower" on the gardening blog. From now on, I will sign my comments on your gardening blog as Natasha to fool your future gardening audience.

Randi said...

The great thing is when you and dad both comment it makes me feel like I have a ton more people because you login under your blogger name and dad is just anon :)

Christy said...

Hey I read your blogs...I just don't comment often!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty awesome Randi. Congratulations! - Christina

Shauna Bo Bauna said...

I read your blogs every week at least and you forgot it was my challenge to read 100 books that started this... BTW I am only at 25...

I have to say though I read a lot of blogs, especially book blogs because of that whole librarian thing and this blog is really the best. :-)

Randi said...

you should email me some of the links to the blogs you follow....I follow a bunch of book blogs too :)