Monday, July 19, 2010

Size 14 is Not Fat Either

Size 14 is Not Fat Either
By Meg Cabot

368 pages
9 hours and 10 minutes listening time

Grade B-

These books are just silly. I started with Size 12 is Not Fat because honestly, the title was catchy and I liked the cover. The first book was cute and funny, and this book was the same but a little more over the top. As much as I liked it, it almost seemed like Meg Cabot was just trying a liiiiiitle too hard for this one.

It, again, is a murder mystery book staring the famous Heather Wells, her roommate Cooper, and her ex-fiance super star Justin Cartwright. The murders start, and Miss Wells joins in the chase to find out who the murder is.

I found myself laughing at parts, but really, Heather Wells thought process is a little jumpy. One minute she is thinking "Well they might have used a carving knife to stab that person....." and the next thought is ".....ooooh, a carving knife, that means maybe there might be a cake around here that will be covered with cherry pie filling, and honestly, everyone loves cherry pie filling." So yes, it is very random, but it's cute, a fast read, and is very light, minus the murders.

No I must finish Big Boned which is the third book in the series, because I tend to like to finish the series once I have started them....except that one book, what was it called? Aw yes, the Queen of Babble series, which ironically is written by the same author. Well I guess, sometimes you have a winner, and sometimes, you have a boring book. But this series, well, it's definitely not boring.

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