Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Boned

Big Boned
By Meg Cabot

280 pages
7 hours and 58 minutes listening time

Grade B+

Big Boned is the third book to the Heather Wells Mysteries), and this series, it's just plain silly. The whole murder mystery thing just got really really repetitive, seeing as Heather is once again mixed up in a sticky situation in "Death Dorm." As crazy unrealistic as this book is, I think that is the appeal is holds for me.

As much as I wanted Heather to annoy the crap out of me, as annoying as she was, I really couldn't not help but just love her. And I really really did. She was such a nice genuine person. And she handled really bad situations in the best way she could. It is also very strange how dedicated she was to her job at the dorm, I mean residence hall. But her dedication also kinda made me love her more.

So this book is quick, just like the other two. You don't really have to think. at. all. when you are reading this book. There aren't any "deep" parts, but it is a fun little series. Completely unrealistic, but fun.

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