Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forever in Blue

Forever in Blue: The final summer of the sisterhood
By Ann Brashares

432 Pages
9 hrs and 4 min listening time

Grade A

With the final book of this series, I am in love. I LOVED this series. I related separately with each of the main characters. I especially related to Carmen in her first year of college. She felt alone, and just disconnected. The first year after high school, although I didn't move out of Vegas, most all my friends did. I lost contact with a lot of people and it was a struggle stay connected with those I did because everyone was just so busy with their new lives. I was so happy to see her break out of that miserable mold and reconnect with herself as well as with her friends.

I also loved to see how all the girls reconnected at the end. I am afraid I might spoil it if I say too much more, so I will leave it at this, just read the series. I loved it, and once I am done with this goal, I will probably listen to it again.

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this sounds like something yr g-ma would like....u should tell her about it....yr mom