Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reel Life

Reel Life Starring Us
By Lisa Greenwald

304 pages (Kindle read)

Grade C

I got this book as an advanced reader copy, and actually had it read before it was released which has never happened to me before.  Then I attempted to get my review done and posted before it was released, and failed.  Miserably since it's been on shelves for like 6 months.

Anyway, it was a cute book.  I enjoyed it and it was a feel good type of book.  My only issue with it was that it was a little too young for me.  Now I love me some young adult, but this was like more like pre-teen.  I don't necessarily like the super younger novels.   However, I didn't feel like I wasted time on it so that was good.

I liked in this book how the main character Dina really stuck to her roots and did things the way she liked to do them without really taking much outside influence.  I guess as a mom that is all I can hope for in my own daughter, that she remain confident in herself so that she doesn't follow or fall into the wrong group of kids.

So, coming from a mom standpoint, I would let my kid read this book.  So moms, let your girls go for it.  It isn't life changing, but it's appropriate for the age group that it is geared for, and that is all we can hope for really right?

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