Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

Some Girls: My Life in a Harem
By Jillian Lauren

352 pages, read on my Kindle

Grade C-

A friend of mine hosted book club a few months ago, and this was her book choice. She is friends with the band Weezer and when she found out that the lead singer (I think it's the lead) was married to Jillian, and that Jillian had written this book, she decided it to be her book. Because she is friends with Weezer, she also made arrangements for Jillian to Skype with us during our book club, which was pretty cool seeing as I had never really "talked" with an author like this before.

Ok so on to the review...

This book is actually a memoir. It's really really hard to believe that it is a memoir when you start out because Jillian as an 18 year old girl goes to Dubai to live and be a prostitute for one of the princes. There are nights of partying, drugs, shopping and sex. It's so hard to imagine that someone would actually sign up for something like this. I mean, the idea of getting handed wads of cash and taken to the mall with an unlimited spending amount and being given gifts of expensive jewels is pretty exotic and intriguing, but knowing that you have to sell your body in order to get these things totally changes the "awesomeness" of it.

Towards the end, Jillian goes home to NY for a little while and all of a sudden she becomes very whiny. A friend of mine actually told Jillian that she sounded insipid (10 point word if you ask me) to avoid saying whiny and spoiled brat. After she goes home to NY, she ends up going back to Dubai for a short stint where things in the harem have changed, she isn't happy anymore, and goes back home...again. She then meets her husband and they adopt a son. And then BAM! just like that, the story ends. Very, very anticlimactic.

Jillian as a person, was really fun to talk with. She was very down to earth and we all had a great time. I admire her for telling her story and coming out with it. It takes a lot of courage to do something like that. She is also writing another book that is coming out here soon, and it will show up on this blog at some point because the same friend that selected this book is picking her next book. Maybe we will Skype again, because honestly, that was pretty cool.

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