Friday, May 13, 2011

Someone like you

Someone like you
Sarah Dessen

6 hours and 38 ,minutes on audio

Grade C

Don't get me wrong, I love Sarah Dessen. Her books are light, fluffy and easy to read. But I was not a super huge fan of this book. There is no real reason why I didn't much care for it, but I didn't. For one, the main guy in the book was named Macon. All I could think of was bacon. And I didn't think that he was very well developed.

Scarlett, the main character's best friend, gets knocked up but doesn't find out until two months after that baby daddy dies in a motorcycle accident. It's very sad indeed. What I found to be pretty unrealistic was that the main character, Halley, her mom is a child therapist, but doesn't tell her daughter that she can't hang out with Scarlett anymore. When I was growing up, my best friend got pregnant at 15 too, and my dad told me I couldn't hang out with her anymore. But this kids mom was totally supportive of it.

So for was just eh. Sarah has had far greater books, and I can't wait to read her latest one that was just released.

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