Wednesday, January 26, 2011


By PC Cast and Kristin Cast

304 pages
read on my Kindle

Yikes, I am kinda behind in my reviews, and it looks like I have neglected my blog for a while. Anyway, Awakened. It's the 8th book in the House of Night series, or what I would like to call "The House of Crack" series. Last year I read this entire series in about two weeks. When this book came out I pre-ordered it so it would be here at my house when I got home from work. Well after everything I ordered at Christmas, Amazon waited to email me the DAY that the book was released saying that my debit card on my Amazon account was expired. Stupid Amazon tried to charge an expired card. So I fixed it so my order would ship. I went in and inactivated the expired card. I then decided that I couldn't wait for the book to get here, so I downloaded it to my Kindle.....where they tried to run the expired card again.....::sigh:: Eventually I got the correct card charged and got my freaking book (obviously). And the day I finished it on my Kindle, it showed up on my front door.

Anyway, it was a good book, not great, but the series isn't life changing, just addicting. The reason why this series drives me banana sangwich is because, yes the books pick up right from the last sentence of the previous book, and they are mostly all action packed, but I HATE that they end the books at such a cliff hanger. I mean, WHAT? I am not going to post spoilers, but how do you END a book that way?!?!?!? And now I have to wait until November to read the next book. UGH.

All I know is that I am going to make sure my debit card info is correct in my account FIRST and then place my pre-order.

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