Saturday, September 4, 2010

Adios, Nirvana

Adios, Nirvana
By Conrad Wselhoeft

Release date 10/25/10

240 pages
unavailable on audio at this time

Grade B+

This is the third advanced reader that I have finished, and it was also on my kindle making it just that much more fun to read.

So Jonathan, the main character, is a struggling teenage boy, whom recently had to deal with his twin brother dying. After his brother Telly died, he won a contest for his poetry, and became somewhat infamous because of it. The story around all this was great. Now I give this book a B+ because I don't think the author really dug in deep with the characters. Other than Jonathan, you don't get a lot of emotion. I really liked how Jonathan grew though.

Jonathan was probably one of the more interesting characters, and he was very much grieved with the loss of his brother. I didn't really like the relationship that he had with his mother, and I didn't much care for his mother in general to be perfectly honest. I did however, totally love the author's reading style.

Following Jonathan on his journey, and meeting David and Katie, I really think he turned into a great guy. I also really enjoyed the musical references and the guitar references. I was reminded of my brother during some parts of this book, so I kinda was able to make a reference.
All in all, when it eventually comes out, it is worth the read. I finished it on the plane ride home today, so if you don't like it, you won't have a huge amount of time invested.


The Book Bee said...

Hi there, love the review this book sounds really interesting. You have a award over on my site, come check it out :)


Daddd said...

U finished reading it on the plane? Who was FLYING the plane then?