Sunday, October 23, 2011

Well I think the neglect should be over

I have been off the reading bandwagon for long enough, and with that, the blogging bandwagon too.  I really miss reading, but I haven't found anything that has been taking my full attention.  That's ok though, sometimes that happens.

I will be spending the rest of this week finishing up the reviews that should have been done months ago, and I will also dedicate some of my "valuable" time to finishing the books I have started.  There is no reason I won't have them done by the end of this week if I just put my nose in them.

The hour each night that I usually have dedicated to reading, has turned into my recent pinterest addiction, and while that is all fine and dandy, I can't get much reading done when I am looking at fun stuff on the internet.  So I just need to manage my time better.

Also, I don't think it is any surprise that I will come no where near meeting my goal of 111 books this year.  As much as this saddens me, I am also ok with it.  A lot has gone on this year that has distracted me and taken my reading time.  And there is always next year.  It's not like my To Be Read list is going anywhere  :)

Thanks for sticking around if you are still reading.  I promise to get better!!  Again.

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Ahem... Waiting... Waiting...