Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sing You Home

Sing You Home
Jodi Picoult

17 hours 26 minutes listening time

Grade A

I finished this book about three weeks ago, but I have been stewing on it so I couldn't write about it. I have never had a book make me feel so many emotions before ever. I spent the first 1 hour of the book, bawling. I spent the next part of the book sad. Then I was happy and frustrated. After that, I was ANGRY and PISSED, and wanting to punch a couple characters in their stupid faces. I think I was scared for a minute then I was angry AGAIN. Right when I didn't think I would take anymore, it ended, and I was crying, again.

With a minimal amount of spoilers here is the run down, main characters suffer multiple losses, and then have a still born at 28 weeks, breaking their marriage, where only weeks after the still birth, the husband leaves the marriage. Wife ends up meeting up with a friend and spends all her time with this women, husband moves in with crazy Christian brother and sister in law. Wife then decides she wants to try for another baby and remembers there are frozen embryo in a fertility bank, husband decides he then wants them to give to his brother and sister in law since they are also having fertility problems.

There is so much more to it but I don't want to give away too much. All I know, is that you will need tissues. I didn't think I would be able to finish it in places, but the story attacked me in the first few minutes and wouldn't let go until I was done. I won't lie either, but I listened to the ending of the audio book probably 4 times just because I just wanted to live it again.

In summary, this book was amazing.

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