Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wow! Over 100!!

I don't know if anyone caught this, but I just surpassed my 100 books :)

All congrats will be accepted and appreciated! So I think I mentioned before that I am unofficially upping my goal to 125, I have a few books that I REALLY want to get done before the end of the year, such as The Count of Monte Cristo, (finish) Little Women, the rest of Matt's picks and a few other ones that I have been putting off.

I am going to keep up the momentum that I am on now, and what I mean by that is I am not going to revert back to Harry Potter and Twilight. I am enjoying the recommendations and I really like being able to talk about something other than Dementors.

A goal that I am setting for myself to get me through the rest of this year (other than another 25 books) is that since I just picked up the Skinny Italian, I am going to cook. I counted 58 recipes, but some of those are sauces, or pizza dough or whatever. So I am going to cook my way through this book between now and December 31st, somewhat like Julie from Julie and Julia. This is going to do two of many things for me. It will one, force me to start cooking more at home, because I would rather order a pizza than do the dishes, and two, force me to read an entire cook book, because I am FAMOUS for buying many many cookbooks and only using one recipe out of the book.

So here is to another goal. And I will be sharing my results right here on this blog because I really cannot start another one. Oh and I will be updating this blog with some of my baking adventures.

Oh! And I am also going to be updating once a week with the books that I got that week. A bunch of my blogger friends do a "In my Mailbox" but I am going to call mine "Books are easier to forgive" because I always get in trouble with the husband when I buy stuff, but he never gives me shit for buying books. Of course, if I don't buy any new books, I will not be updating that week.

And so there you go!


Christina said...

Congrats Randi!

Candy said...

Congratulations, Randi! As for books being easier to forgive, that should never be an issue. A girl should never deny herself a book.

I like your cooking idea. I'm trying to find inspiration to cook at home and go out maybe once a week.

Jennie said...